We understand these are difficult times for everyone. Covid-19 is making things real difficult for everyone and planning ahead has become nearly impossible. That is why we have decided to include a cancelation and medical insurance in our lowest rate. So you can travel without having to be afraid of any unexpected turnarounds. With our SAFE travels rate, you add a bit more of certainty to your plans.

With this rate there is up to 25 reasons that can justify your change of plans without you having to worry about any pre-paid money. We are aware that plans can flip around all of a sudden and one just have to be ready for it.


What does the insurance cover?

The following amount indicate the maximum reimbursement by the Insurer.

  •  Hotel cancellation fees, up to 500 €
  •  Refund of non-enjoyed vacations, up to 3.000 €.
  •  Luggage theft and damage, up to 600 €.
  •  Search, location and shipment of lost luggage on regular flights.
  •  Medical assistance, up to 1.000 €.
    •  ◦ Important: Prior authorization by the insurer is required by contacting at +34 93 300 10 50.
  •  Dental expenses, up to 250 €.
  •  Civil liability, up to 30.000 €.

Where can I get assistance shall I need it?

By calling the 24 hours number (+34 93 300 10 50).

What are the cancellations reasons?

There is 25 of them. You can read them all by clicking here.

Whom does the insurance covered?

The insurance covers the person who makes the reservation and all its guests. It is of utmost importance that you include them in the policy on app.flexmyroom.com. As this is the only way to identify your guests, not doing so will result in them not being covered.

If you are making a booking for a third person, you must ensure that it is included in the policy through app.flexmyroom.com.


What happens if I do not show up?

In that case, no compensation would be eligible.


You can find out more about SAFE travels rate by clicking here.