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Due to the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus, the majority of businesses have undergone many operational changes to ensure quality service as well as prioritizing the safety of the customers, suppliers and workers.

The hotel industry has also had to adapt to the new regulations, and we would like to inform you about how we have applied the different precautionary measures to reduce any risk of infection at the Ars Magna Hotel.

On this page you will find information regarding the following aspects:

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We are aware about conversations regarding the certification of a Covid-free hotel. It is a possibility that is still being developed. However, from Ars Magna Hotel we are keeping an eye on how all these measures develop to guarantee that any needed actions are taken. We guarantee any recommendations and measure issued by the WHO, European Committee and Spanish Government will be met.

We are also prepared to apply any measures related with thermic meters, ozone sprays and any other chemical product that the health organizations deem essential.


The Ars Magna Hotel consists of 28 rooms. Due to the small number of rooms, we are able to offer a crowd-free experience, unlike other bigger hotels were big crowds could be easily formed. In addition, our maximum capacity is of 56 guests which again positively affects the minimization risk of infection. According to the National Health authorities, there will be less possibilities of spreading the virus in spaces that are transited by fewer people.


In order to minimize the risk of contagion, we have reduced our staff to the minimum required to operate the hotel. Due to the small size of our hotel, it is safe to say that this measure considerably helps in keeping risks of contagion to a minimum.

Our team will be tested for Covid-19 before returning to their posts. Only in the case of testing negative, will they be allowed to return. In addition, they have been given guidelines to follow in their homes to ensure they stay safe and healthy and do not become a risk while doing their job.

If there were any suspicions of a team member’s health being compromised by the virus or by being in contact with anyone who tested positive, we would take immediate action by removing them from their post and testing other team members who have been in contact with said team member.

All our staff have been informed of all sanitary and safety measures they must put into practice both in the workplace and at home. They have shown great responsibility and compromise to follow the guidelines and guarantee quality service.


Due to the size of our hotel, there are five common areas in which crowds og guests could form outside of their rooms.

  • Swimming pool. It will remain closed until the National Health department deem its use as safe. In that case, all sanitary and necessary measures will be guaranteed to be able to use it safely.
  • Conference room. We will apply the same conditions as with the swimming pool.
  • – Restaurant. The dimensions of the restaurant allow us to serve the 100% of the hotel’s capacity, therefore it is big enough to accommodate all our guests and respect the security distance between each other. The breakfast will be ‘a la carte’. Be assured that all kitchen staff also follow the security and sanitary regulations dictated by the National Health Department and the OMS.
  • Recepción. La recepción es lo suficientemente grande como para que se pueda respetar la distancia de seguridad. Dado el menor tamaño del hotel, estamos convencidos de que en ningún momento se producirá ninguna aglomeración en esta zona que además cumplirá con los requisitos necesarios.
  • Parking. It will remain open and functional to our guests as there is enough space to guarantee security distances between guests.


Before we reopen our hotel, it will undergo a complete disinfection by an external and professional cleaning company. In addition, our efficient cleaning team will disinfect it with our cleaning products a second time before we open our doors to the guests.

We will place a methacrylate screen in reception. We will also offer hand sanitizer in dispensers and place signs on the floor to indicate where to stand to respect the required safety distances.

Common areas and most used surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected continuously. Thus, communal bathrooms, light switches, lifts and their respective buttons, the stair handrails, room door handles and other high risk places will be cleaned thoroughly.


The cleanliness of our rooms is the highest quality valued by our previous guests. Rooms are cleaned exhaustively after every guest regularly. However, due to these unprecedented circumstances, we have taken exceptional sanitary measures to minimise the risk of contagion.

We will specially focus on the most commonly used areas such as the door handles of the room doors or shower doors, the sink, bed-side tables, hangers, the minibar, the glasses and the free water bottle.

Our cleaning team abide by the sanitary recommendations when cleaning the rooms. We use cleaning products that follow the OMS guidelines for a Covid-19 disinfection. We also disinfect all cleaning materials on a daily basis. (cloths, sweeping brushes, mops, etc)

During the Check-In process, we will provide you a sealed bag which will contain the TV remote control, amenities and your room key which will have been previously cleaned and disinfected with specialised products.

In addition, we will block rooms to keep them unused between bookings. This is another measure we are exclusively adopting to lower the risks of contagion. If possible, we will try to keep them unused two days to minimise the risks even more. This measure will be adopted when we reopen and its application will progressively deescalate depending on what the recommendations of the OMS and the National Health department.